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How many times have you heard you or someone say “hopefully it will go well, touch wood!” and then desperately looking around trying to find a piece of wood to touch and end up tapping their head instead?…

We have created WoodenBetOnIt® Cards (same size as a credit card) that you can carry everywhere with you! A wooden card created by WoodenBetOnIt® will always give you that extra bit of good luck when you need it!…with a design to compliment your lifestyle.

We use recycled and sustainable wood for your unique card. Design your own, or choose one of our stunning designs online HERE!

Your idea or ours

WoodenBetOnIt card can be anything you want! From your favourite slogan to your family crest! Possibilities are endless!

Custom or corporate cards

Need a special design or quantity for your business, club or organisation – or just a just special WoodenBetOnIt® Card for yourself?

Bulk orders or just the one for you

 What about for a special wedding memory? Special present for a special someone? Special poem? What about an object to help you focus!

"Touch Wood!"

Important Website Notice about Deliveries!

Feel Free to Order,
but no orders can be shipped until our Return on 7 March 2020

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