The idea for WoodenBetOnIt® came from the countless amount of times I was with people in all sorts of situations, who for superstition purposes (or just for good luck), wanted to touch wood… So the idea was born – to always have some wood with you for these times – says Eve

But not just any piece of wood, something that also means something, that you would be proud to show others, because it has a little bit of you in it ie your sign of the zodiac, or a saying that is really important.

We at WoodenBetOnIt® want you to feel comfortable where ever you are, at sea, in the air, where ever you are cause you always will have some wood there just in case someone utters those words “touch wood!”

WoodenBetOnIt® was created in Wellington, NZ and now is based at Uluru, Australia

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image of a woodenbetonit card with Japanese symbol for Luck
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