Orgonite Made with Love and Handcrafted for you!

Orgonite . EMF Protection . Healing . Eco . Art . Touch Wood®

"Amazing Orgonite (Orgone Energy) Pyramids and Cards | WoodenBetOnIt "Touch Wood" Good Luck Cards!

“The bonus pyramid is perfect, it compliments the others. It feels like three distinct gradations of energy. It’s very interesting”

At WoodenBetOnIt we have created three products we think you will love!

Introducing our new “OrgoneIt” collection of Orgonite products. From pyramid structures to cards (for personal EMF protection).
Orgonite (or Orgone) is a complex mix of crystals, resin and metal when combined together in a certain way can create an affect that negates RF (radio frequencies), EMF, Electromagnetic Frequencies) around your home, making it safer and a more positive environment for all. (Check in HERE for hints and tips in choosing your Orgonite).

All lovingly hand crafted for you, to either carry on your person, or have as a beautiful (and helpful) part of the home! 

We invite you to take a look around… see our ready made designs or have one created especially for you!

"Touch wood" for luck, no matter where you are, with our original WoodenBetOnIt good luck card range. A gorgeous customised piece of good luck to carry with you every where you go!"