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WoodenBetOnIt was invented when up in an aeroplane at 36000ft. When saying "hope something bad doesn't happen...touch wood!"... with no wood to be seen! WoodenBetOnIt was invented.

"Touch Wood!"

How many times have you heard you or someone say “hopefully it will go well, touch wood!” and then desperately looking around trying to find a piece of wood to touch and end up tapping their head instead?…

Superstition?… maybe… but the human brain doesn’t know the difference between a joke or being serious and whatever you program your brain to think it will create, so if you think you will get bad luck if you don’t touch some wood, it could possibly happen!

So we have created WoodenBetOnIt® Cards (same size as a credit card) that you can carry everywhere with you! A wooden card created by WoodenBetOnIt® will always give you that extra bit of good luck when you need it!…with a design to compliment your lifestyle.

We use recycled and sustainable wood for your unique card.

You can choose one of our designs or create your own HERE! …or what about using one of our backgrounds with your text?

Would you like some Luck or Protection?

Grab a WoodenBetOnIt Card for Luck, or an OrgoneIt Card for Protection

WoodenBetOnIt Cards

A touch of luck with you everywhere


OrgoneIt Cards (Coming soon!)

Protection from EMF, RF, Wi-fi Signals


We at WoodenBetOnIt ® wanted you to always have access to a good luck charm, and in working with producers of real wood veneer have come up with a strong durable product for you to take with you everywhere you go!

The custom is thought to originate from Pagan times when trees were held in high esteem. People believed that ‘wood spirits’ inhabited the trees and woodlands. To touch a tree with respect is thought to indicate that the person was in search of protection from the particular wood spirit.

It is thought also that the action may be a result of the Christian belief in The Crucifixion. Christ was crucified on a cross made of wood and hence touching wood may now be a sign of this belief, and a sign of deep compassion and reverence for Christ’s resurrection. This would of course have no connection with the Pagan reasoning, but perhaps the action may be seen as result of two distinctive belief systems.

Made with Love and Handcrafted for you!

who we are:

WoodenBetOnIt and OrgoneIt Cards

From the “Create your Own” WoodenBetonIt Card page, simply upload your image (or select one of ours) when at the checkout, and we will create your own personalised WoodenBetOnIt Card to carry with you wherever you go!

Or one of our new OrgoneIt Cards, protection from RF, EMF and other forms of radiation.

Your idea or ours

WoodenBetOnIt card can be anything you want! From your favourite slogan to your family crest! Possibilities are endless!

Custom or corporate cards

Need a special design or quantity for your business, club or organisation - or just a just special WoodenBetOnIt® Card for yourself

Bulk orders or just the one for you

 What about for a special wedding memory? Special present? Special poem?

OrgoneIt Cards

With our specially designed OrgoneIt cards, you will be able to protect yourself from EMF radiation, have better health, and rebalance yourself, on the go carrying your card everywhere with you

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